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SignTrac Cost Savings


"We paid a little more for the SignTrac frame rather than a wooden frame, but it will last us 3 times longer.  And with the ability to repurpose the frame with an interchangeable sign, this was a no-brainer!” - Brett Richison

SignTrac Benefits

  • DURABILITY - The triple coated components and innovative design provide long term durability making it a superior solution over wood & vinyl.

  • SIMPLE DESIGN - SignTrac's unique u-channel design allows a customer to easily slip in a single sign panel printed on both sides rather than a traditional sign frame that requires two panels.

  • EASY ASSEMBLY & SWAP OUT - SignTrac’s efficient construction make it a snap to assemble on location.  And when the sign panel needs to be replaced, simply remove two screws and pop off the top rail for easy access and swap out your sign panels.

  • APPEARANCE - Unlike a wood post sign solution, SignTrac’s solid steel frame will not warp, crack, or rot. The sign will continue to remain attractive for years of continued use. 

  • REDUCED COSTS - Because of the triple coating, a SignTrac frame will generally last at least 3x longer than other alternatives such as wood or vinyl which have to be replaced more frequently.  The triple coating also eliminates the need for ongoing painting materials and labor. 


SignTrac vs. Wood Frames

Common wooden signs, unfortunately, don't wear well in outdoor conditions. They may save you a little money up front, but ultimately, you'll be spending more in the long run. 


SignTrac for Resellers

For resellers, our product is an easy sell to your customers. It's durable, long lasting, low maintenance, easily interchangeable with new signage and it looks great too! It's a win/win for your business and your customers.

You'll save $ with our sign frames regardless, but with a  wholesale discount, you can add even more to your bottom line.

Quality, Long-lasting

No more service calls for a dilapidated sign. Your product will become the standard for quality, and you'll have satisfied customers every time.


Cost Savings Equates to Increased Margins

Repeat Customers Means Your Business Grows

With a quality product, you'll have repeat satisfied customers buying from a company they trust. 


Other Resources

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vs. wood

Buy in Bulk & Pass on the Savings

Whether you're needing just a few sign frames to keep on hand or a bigger volume, you'll save time and money buying in bulk.

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