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SignTrac specializes in metal sign frames for the commercial real estate, construction, architectural and sign company industries. Our unique and patented design provides a durable, long-lasting, attractive, and economical solution for your large signage and includes a variety of benefits over traditional sign frames.


Unlike a typical wood post sign solution, SignTrac’s solid steel frame and powder coated exterior will not warp, crack, or rot.  The sign will continue to remain attractive for years of continued use. Our product comes powder-coated in either white or black.

Simple Design

SignTrac is constructed with patented u-channel steel rails that fully encase the sign panel perimeter.  This unique u-channel design allows a customer to use a single sign panel printed on both sides rather than a traditional sign frame that requires two panels.

Easy Assembly

metal sign frames for real estate

SignTrac’s patented and efficient construction make it a snap to assemble on location.  And when the sign panel needs to be replaced, simply remove two screws and pop off the top rail for easy access and swap out your sign panels.


The triple coated components – galvanized protective zinc, zinc phosphate coat, and TGIC polyester powder coat – are more durable than regular paint and will withstand the harshest conditions.  The innovative design and construction provide long term durability making it a superior solution over its wood and vinyl-based competitors and a top choice for displaying signage year after year.

signtrac patent construction

Reduced Costs

Because of the triple coating, a SignTrac frame will generally last at least three times longer than other customary alternatives such as wood or vinyl which have to be replaced more frequently.  The triple coating also eliminates the need for ongoing painting materials and labor. 

In addition, the u-channel design which allows for a single panel printed on both sides instead of the standard two panels, equates to huge savings over time on material costs. This feature also is an easy sell to consumers who can easily change their panels and reuse their frame. 

In general, SignTrac frames cost only slightly more than a standard wooden frame. However, because of the reasons outlined above our customers have reported that the small incremental costs of a SignTrac frame over a wooden structure is a no-brainer for their consumers and actually saves money in the long run. 

Proudly made in the USA in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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metal sign frames that last



SignTrac, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializes in the manufacturing of our patented metal sign frames. We sell our sign frames both direct to consumer and wholesale to our partners.  

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