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4x8 Metal Sign Frame

4w x 8h - Black or White
In stock
Product Details
Brand: SignTrac

4’w x 8’h kit with 12’ posts

This kit comes complete with two posts, two side post tracs, a top and a bottom trac, two post caps, all the hardware to assemble the frame, and easy to follow assembly instructions. The posts are constructed from 2½” x 2½” – 14 ga heavy duty steel for durability in harsh environments. The length of the posts are designed to be installed 2’ underground and the bottom of your substrate to be 2’ from the ground.

The frame is constructed with our uniquely designed and patented u-channel steel rails to allow one double-sided sign to be used which eliminates the need and unnecessary costs of two substrates. The powder coated components give your sign a polished professional look that will stand the test of time saving you on replacement costs and ongoing upkeep.

BULK PRICING: If you have an order for 16 or more units, please contact us prior to your order for special bulk discounts.

Panel Size Recommendation

Visible Space Diagram

Note: For easy insertion and removal of your panel, follow our Panel Size Recommendation dimensions. If your panel is already made and is exactly 48”x96”, there are two options which are commonly done by our customers when field installing their signs & frames:
Option One – Make 1¾”x1¾” square notches on each corner of the panel allowing it to clear all assembly hardware (i.e. the four corner bolts). Now slide your panel in!
Option Two – Insert the panel into the frame BEFORE bolting the bottom trac to the post trac. Then drill a ¼” hole for the corner bolts to be inserted through the frame and the panel.
Because of the width of the frame, neither the notches nor the holes will be visible.

Made in the USA.

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